Payment Plans



Please read the following document carefully before agreeing to commit to a payment plan with Fragment Crafting.



Why I offer a payment Plan


The aim of my payment plan option is to make my commissions as accessible as possible to you (the customer) so that we both enjoy the experience that an artist’s work can bring.


The installment payment plan is a way for you, the customer, to purchase commissioned pieces of artwork without the stress of having to pay the entire amount up front. The plans are 3 months for new customers, and up to 6 months for loyal and trustworthy returning customers.


How the payment plan works


Payment plans are only offered on commissions over £100 (GBPS), or $150 (USD).


There is no interest added to these payment plans, but you as the customer will be liable for paying the full amount as agreed at the beginning of the commission process.


The way this works is that I, the artist, Emma-Leigh Hayes (Fragment Crafting), will take your commission and an upfront deposit amounting to the first installment of the payment plan, OR 40% of the total cost. This ensures security for me as the artist, and makes for a reliable payment process for the rest of the owed amount.




You commission me to paint a portrait of a loved one and I quote £200. The split cost of this commission over 3 months amounts to £66.67. There is a one penny difference that will be added to one of the months just to make the total correct. The first month’s installment will be paid on the day of the agreed commission, and is considered to be the deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. The next month you will pay the same amount, and then the final amount on the third month. The commissioned piece will be sent to you upon the final payment.


(66.67 x 2) + 66.66 = £200


Example 2:


You commission me to paint a simple watercolour portrait of a loved one. I quote you £100 for the final product. This amounts to £33.33 per month when using the 3 month payment plan. As the first installment is not equal to or greater than the 40% deposit, I will take £40 up front and then for the two remaining months the cost is £30 each month.


40 + 30 + 30 = £100


Should you need the commission sooner than a 3 month or 6 month plan conditions, you are more than welcome to pay the total up front cost all at once. For example, paying the 40% commission deposit and upon completion of the piece immediately paying the rest of the amount for faster services.


The payment plans will be arranged via bank transfer. The commissioned item will be sent to the customer as soon as the last installment has been paid OR earlier depending on the agreed terms with the individual customer.


Please be aware that there are no refunds for commissions under payment plans once I, the artist, have begun progress on the piece. The first installment and deposit will cover artists time and artist materials when beginning the artwork you have commissioned. Please inform the artist as soon as possible should you need to cancel. There is no cancellation fee, but there will be no refunds for already paid installments.



Nonpayment and/or Failure to Communicate


If you find that you cannot make the agreed monthly payment on the agreed date you must contact me, the artist, as soon as possible. If I do not hear from you I will contact you in an effort to resolve the issue. Should you not pay the full amount this matter I may have to take this matter to small claims court for resolution. Any payments that have been made will be kept as compensation for the artists time and materials in the creation of your commission.


Should you (the customer) be unable to continue with payment the artist will cease work on the commission and file it away for 60 days until payments can be continued. This will only be offered to customers who communicate their need for this service. You will not be charged a fee for this 60 day retainer service.


In cases of cancellation or where no communication is engaged, the art piece will not be sent to you and the materials such as paper and canvas may be reused.


If no payments are received, nor communications entered into us for a period of 60 days or longer, the art will no longer be considered to be yours and no refunds will be given.


Contact me


Should you be interested in commissioning me to undertake a piece of work for you and would like to engage in a payment plan option, please use this form (link to commission page) to submit as much detail as possible about your request. Alternatively contact me, Emma-Leigh Hayes, via my Facebook business page (Fragment Crafting) or Instagram (@fragmentcrafting), or via email. (