Canvas painting of a blue rhino's head.

I love painting animals, especially beloved pets, I find their backstories so much fun to try and incorporate into my paintings. I have painted custom portraits of relatives, celebrities, and even nudes, and I am happy to paint almost anything.

My commissions are currently open, so please send me a message about what you'd like me to create for you! Include as much information as you like, including what you would like painted, when you want it delivered by, and anything else you think I should know.

All commissions come with a handwritten authenticity certificate signed by the artist (myself) and dated.

Tattoo Commissions

After a very lovely gentleman contacted me on Instagram about a piece I’d done, asking if he could get it tattooed, I decided to put this forward as one of my services! If my artwork connects with you, and you want it on your body, I now offer the service of designing your next tattoo. I’m more than happy to work with the tattoo artist themselves to make the process easier, but mostly I will just be creating the design for you to take to your trusted and talented ink master for the transfer from paper to skin. If you fancy some of my work on your actual human body, don’t hesitate to contact me through my contact form below being sure to state that this is a tattoo commission. I look forward to working with you lovely people!


My Commissions' Testimonials


'I have used Em's services a few times now and can honestly say the quality and service is perfectly consistent each time. Personalised art commissions are such a great gift idea, and I truly feel that each one I have received from Fragment Crafting superbly encapsulates all the little details mentioned in my consultation to make sure it's a flawless finished product for the recipient.'

Charlotte Heywood


'I was over the moon when I received Em's hand made art work as a Christmas present. Completely sentimental, the piece beautifully captured and further brought to life a scene close to my heart. The personalised art work always fills me with wonder - it is such an imaginative reminder of a special experience. Fragment Crafting's unique art was the perfect Christmas gift and is now a first choice of mine when buying a novel present.'

Matt Dodd

Fill out the form below stating the type of commission you would like and I will be in touch with you to start the creation of your commission.
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For a more detailed Commission Request Form please see this google form and fill it out with as much detail as possible.