This page is dedicated to showcasing all the wonderful people, organisations and companies I have had the absolute pleasure of working with to create something wonderful.


The Princes Trust

A copy of a painting of mushrooms and goblins.
In August of 2020, I was so excited to be accepted onto The Prince's Trust Enterprise programme, which supports young people to start their own business. As a young entrepreneur with The Prince's Trust, I've worked closely with their volunteers and staff to help better myself and my business, engaged in all sorts of Prince's Trust programmes including the 'Get Started With Creative Thinking' course. I stand here today a better business woman for it. The Prince's Trust have given me so many opportunities I never would have had access to without their support. I've met wonderful people and forever friends, and couldn't be more pleased with my mentor I've been assigned. They are always on hand to help me out, even if it's not business-related. They are a kind and generous group that have given me more than I could ever ask for. Before joining the Prince's Trust, I was unemployed for over a year after finishing a season working at Trentham Monkey Forest. I was looking for work, but then Covid-19 hit and I struggled to find anywhere that would take me during the pandemic. At this point I realised I still had my art, and I loved creating. I made a few videos on Tiktok, got a good reaction from my audience, and decided to create a business that would allow me to sell my own work myself! I've never been happier!


Being supported by The Prince's Trust has allowed me to grow my small art business, Fragment Crafting, from a fantasy to a reality. I have taken business classes, met with successful entrepreneurs such as the founder of Poundland, and created relationships with other like-minded individuals of my age group. I would highly recommend The Prince's Trust to any young persons as they have definitely changed my life, and I can't thank them enough for their incredible work so far.  

I have also had the absolute pleasure of working for The Princes Trust hosting an art class. Check out my blog post about it for more information! 

One of the best team activities they've done! 
"Em at Fragment Crafting ran an art-based mindfulness session for our team day, it was completely different to anything we’d done before and a huge hit with everyone. The approach was very accessible, with warm ups and getting people thinking creatively and comfortable with sharing their drawings in front of their peers. We then spent a good chunk of time chatting and each creating a piece of art which we could keep after the session. It gave everyone a chance to relax and be present, connect and chat about non-work stuff and just slow down for a while. I have had feedback from many people that it’s one of the best team activities they’ve done, I highly recommend!"
Jo Hutchinson

Jemima Bee

A logo of Jemima Bee.


Author and creator Gemma Walsh.Gemma Walsh is a Staffordshire based author, and creator of The Dirty Words Club.  She writes children's books as well as adult novels, and has been an incredible friend throughout my illustrative journey. Together we have created and published a book on Amazon called Thea Daze Reports: The Impossible Cauldron Shop, for which I created the cover art. Since this, we have been in talks about a fully illustrated children's book about a young journalist witch who gets herself into some crazy adventures. Keep your eyes peeled for more stories!    

Thea Daze Reports is available on Kindle via Amazon, click here to read!



Front cover of book, The impossible cauldron shop. Cat illustration from the book. Front of cauldron shop illustration from the book. 

Nescafe Azera  



Thanks to the wonderful work by @nescafeazera and @princestrust I am delighted to be part of a competition that saw my design, as well as four other incredible designs, worthy enough to sit on your shelves. Big thank you to my mentor Mike for believing in me, my mum and dad for being my rock, and my best friends for supporting my dreams. I could never have done it without you!

My tin design is called plants and the aim was to bring a little jungle from your living room to your kitchen. I've had depression for years now and plants are just a little silent friend that keeps me going. I'm sure many of you have also adopted house plants over the course of the pandemic and if they make you as happy as they make me then they're doing their jobs right.

A special shout out to my fellow competition winners, incredible designers, and amazing friends for also enjoying this amazing opportunity:





And a big thank you to @kellyhoppen for the endorsement and kind words of encouragement. I'll treasure them always.


“I'm so inspired by what you've created for NESCAFÉ AZERA showing your passion, innovation and dedication in creating something so extraordinary that is now going to be on the shelves of supermarkets nationwide. You should make you be extremely proud of yourself and know that this is just the beginning of your creative journey. Don't ever forget how special you are!” - Kelly Hoppen



The Brampton Museum

In 2022 I launched my first Art Classes and got in touch with The Brampton Museum to see if they would collaborate with me on hosting these classes. After a lovely chat with Elise, The Events and Activities Officer, we managed to plan two events for July and August of the same year. Check out my blog post here to see how the first session went! 

Now I am very pleased to be volunteering with Brampton Museum, and hosting my art classes in their wonderful creative spaces for the public to come and enjoy. 


"Working with Emma was an absolute delight. She is both creative and organised, able to adapt sessions to the art materials and space the museum had available. Once the public arrived she was the perfect host, welcoming people into her artistic world with fun and laughter. I was amazed at the quality of the artwork our visitors produced in just a couple of hours and the positive feedback we received, and we would recommend Emma to others."

Elise Turner

Brampton Museum, Activities and Events Officer