Artist Emma-Leigh behind blossom.

Hi! My name is Em, and I'm your friendly neighbourhood artist. I've been creating art since I was a littlun, always bringing craft projects into school and doodling up my arms in French class. I like to think it's because my mum used to watch Bob Ross while pregnant with me, so clearly I got all my skills via osmosis while in the womb. 

My inspiration comes from all walks of life. My mental health, my pride, my love of nature and animals. I create wonderful pet portraits for those that have lost their loved pets, gorgeous jewellery for that Friday night feeling, and so much more. As an active Pagan celebrating all things witchy, I also often create things to do with my craft such as mystery boxes or even wands. Take a look at what I do, see if you like it, and make a new friend along the way!

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