The Brand Spanking New Website!

By now yoFragment Crafting's new website homepage.u’re aware that I’ve been working on this project with CyberKiln to give my website a COMPLETE overhaul! So much has changed, but everything is still the same in terms of what I do and the services I provide. All of my artwork is here, available for purchase through the shop, but now its pretty and efficient!

For starters, Chris and Nat at CyberKiln have been an amazing duo to work with. Both of them knew exactly what I wanted, and how to do it. I want to start off by giving them both a huge thank you for their work, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to hand over my precious website to.

So apart from the obvious new look, you’ll notice a few new changes, like the fact that I’m no longer using Wix and instead have hopped over to Shopify! I’m hoping my experience here on this platform will be a lot smoother than on Wix, but as a start-up website, I don’t really have any complaints for them. Shopify is like the next step up in the journey, so to speak. You can see I’ve added some illustrations to the bottom of the home page, made things look a lot friendlier and neater, and the whole house style just encompasses my personality perfectly! (Got to thank Nat for that, the woman knows what I like!)

Also, new to the website is the collaborations page, where I’ll be writing about future exciting opportunities, fantastic people I’ve worked with or will be working with, and pretty much giving you a page to check out my viability as an artist. It’s always helpful to have a visual representation of who you’ve worked with, and a platform to thank them for their kind work or partnership. I hope to fill this page as much as possible in the coming years!

One thing I’m super excited about is the new layout of the shop. It’s clean, exciting, and so easy to navigate now. You’ve got options for filtering your products, seeing sales choices, and loads more. I can’t wait to explore it more with you all.

Thank you so much to my lovely friends and family that have supported me through this journey, I can’t wait to show you what else I can do. I’m going to make you proud, just watch!

Ta ta for now,


P.S If you want a super awesome website set up for you by an amazing bloke and his Staffordshire based techy company, then get over to their website here for more info. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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