A Year of Fragment Crafting

Well what a year it has been! With the rise and fall and inevitable rise again of the pandemic and it’s many mutations and variants, it’s come as no shock that activity for businesses such as mine have been slow. But we persevere, and we grow, and we become stronger. Why? Because that’s what we’re made of! Blood, Sweat and Tears.


At the beginning of last year I found out I had won a competition with The Princes Trust and Nescafe Azera to have my design printed on one of their Americano coffee tins. I was ecstatic! It’s been a long dream of mine to have my artwork out there in everyone’s homes, and now it’s there in your cupboards waiting for that first cuppa of the morning. I feel like I’ve gained a big step in my life, and that I can really propel myself forward with new-found confidence from this one boost. To have a panel of judges pick one of my designs, out of however many, is such a big boost to my security that I never thought I deserved, little that I had earned it. The very idea that my art is worthy of being in the shops all across the UK is so mad I never even considered it to be an option. But here it is, and 2021 provided me one of the biggest opportunities for my artist career I’ve had so far.


I can’t say that this year has been entirely great, of course. It’s had its ups and downs, just like everyone else’s year has. I didn’t make many sales at all, and commissions have been slow, but at the same time I’ve had a brand new website built by the wonderful Cyber Kiln, and begun to draw tattoo commissions as well! I’m expanding, becoming more knowledgeable, and I’m powering through regardless of how slow my business is at the moment.


2022 will be better, because I will MAKE it better.


This year I made some wonderful new friends, started playing Table Top Role Play Games like DND, and I’ve come to so many self realisations that I could fill a ‘self help’ book in 10 minutes. And that’s okay, maybe this year needed those realisations. Maybe the realisation that I wasn’t coping with my mental health well was the push I needed to re-join therapy and really work on myself. And I am! I just started, and I’m so excited to work toward being a better version of me. Which is cheesy and super lame, but I think it’s appropriate at this point.

2021 brought the appearance of bath salts to my website as well as many new art prints and original pieces. It also brought me up to 2k followers on TikTok, a huge number I didn’t think I’d achieve! I’ve been having so much fun live streaming my artwork, posting on social media, and getting wonderful feedback from fellow artists and small business owners.

I also became a mother to 4 wonderful little rat ladies, the funniest pets I’ve had in a long time. I love their silent support, and the fact that they’re a money pit, but bring me so much purpose and joy all the same.


And The Princes Trust have been wonderful, and of course I want to extend my thanks to my wonderful mentor, Mike, for his continued advice and support. For any young person looking to start their own business, consider The Princes Trust. They’ve helped me far more than I ever thought possible, and for such a wonderful organisation the people are far nicer than I thought possible. Everyone is cheering for you, rooting for you to succeed. And with their help, you will! It’s incredible.


So from me and mine, to you and yours; Happy New Year! Let’s make this year our bitch.

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