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  • Take A Break: You've Earned It!

    For a lot of neurodiverse individuals like myself, taking breaks is really hard. More often than none I’ll be in a constant state of heightened arousal from the days tasks and all the sensory inputs that I’m trying to make sense of at any given moment.
  • Eco Art at The Brampton Museum!

    In August of 2022 I had a lovely opportunity to run another art class with The Brampton Museum, but this time we had a theme. As a wonderfully tale...
  • Fantasy Hand prints at Brampton Museum

    A total of 16 wonderful individuals came and participated in my first public art class, and I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, polite, and got stuck in with the class as soon as I gave the green light.
  • A new adventure: Art Classes for you!

    A little while ago I wrote about my trip to Birmingham where I met Ben Roman and Jo Hutchinson from Princes Trust and ran an art session for their wonderful staff members at their headquarters. It was a fantastic day, I really enjoyed myself and I got some incredible feedback from everyone involved.
  • Supporting UK small businesses in 2022

    One of the great things 2022 has brought us is the opening of another small business, and this one holds a place dear to my heart because it is run...
  • Autism and Art

    You realise that you are not to blame for your past. There was a reason all along, and you were not supported with specialised help to handle your behaviors or even understand them.
  • March update: Messy Play With The Princes Trust!

    So while the session rounded up I got everyone to put their pens down and walk around the room. We signed out pieces so others knew who did what, and had a little 5 minute gallery exhibition. There were so many positive comments, people had some really unique ideas and created them amazingly. There was a lot of chatter, communication with people they didn’t work with regularly, and I’d like to think the session forged new friendships.

  • A Year of Fragment Crafting

    Well what a year it has been! With the rise and fall and inevitable rise again of the pandemic and it’s many mutations and variants, it’s come as no shock that activity for businesses have been slow. But we persevere, and we grow, and we become stronger. Why? Because that’s what we’re made of! Blood, Sweat and Tears.

  • BIG SECRET REVEAL! My Adventure with Nescafe Azera and The Prince's Trust!

    I designed a new tin in collaboration with the Prince’s Trust and Nescafe Azera after winning a competition to design their next tin. This experience has been one in a million and I wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s my story!
  • The Brand Spanking New Website!

    By now you’re aware that I’ve been working on this project with CyberKiln to give my website a COMPLETE overhaul! So much has changed, but everythi...
  • Hi there!

    Hi there! First of all, what a journey has it been from the conception of Fragment Crafting, to today with my shop open and orders coming in. I've...
  • Crowdfunding Adventure!

    Hello my lovelies, and welcome to my blog once again. Today I'm going to chat a little bit about the progress of my business and the avenues in whi...